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A Brief History of NUSD Salary Increases

This has been an increase of $14,434, or, more importantly, a 30.36% increase over an 11 year period. This equals a 2.4% average increase each year.

Sounds great, right? not really…. The average yearly inflation rate has been around 3% during the past decade. This means that NUSD teacher have lost about 0.5% of their income value each year of the past 11 years taking inflation into account.

Unfortunately, there's more…. Health care costs have "gone through the roof" in the past decade. In 1999-2000, NUSD teachers did not pay any addition amount out of their salary for health coverage (at least not for Kaiser). NUSD teachers of 2010-2011 now pay 100's of dollars more per month(compared with 1999-2000), depending on their level, for health coverage, even with the district's contribution (which hasn't increase in at least 7 (10?) years).

Most important of all, teachers in comparable districts have had an increase of over 35% to their salaries during the same time period, as well as increases to coverage their districts provide. Why not NUSD?

The last raise employees of NUSD received was in the fall of 2008, in the amount of 2.4%, retroactive to the 2007-08 school year. 

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