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California TK-12 and COVID-19

Information provided by Aimee Shreck, CFT Research Director

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), yesterday,  released several important resources related to California’s K-12 school and COVID-19. These include: 

  1. An updated public health guidance document that consolidates and supersedes most previous state guidance documents. (Specifically for those locals that have employers wanting to be in-person within the next two weeks, please look at page 6).

  2. A new checklist that all schools must follow, publicize, and submit to the county and state if a school is in a purple tier county.

  3. A new requirement for all schools to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan that conforms to Cal/OSHA and the updated CDPH guidance for schools, prior to reopening for in-person instruction and in consultation with unions. Schools already re-opened must also submit 

  4. A  new website with all key information regarding K-12 education during the pandemic the Safe Schools for All Hub

  5. A hotline and safety portal for school staff and parents to submit safety concerns to the CDPH’s Safe Schools Team, either online or via telephone (1-833-422-4255).

  6. New reporting requirements for schools, including weekly reopening status reports and positive COVID-19 case reports that must be filed within 24 hours from the time the school is notified of the case.

  7. COVID-19 testing guidelines, that includes testing of staff and students at regular intervals.

  8. Clarification about critical but confusing rules that define when a school is technically “reopened” and new physical distancing rules; this is included in the updated guidance and was also sent to all counties as a separate letter

Here is also a reader's guide to many of the reports and orders listed above.  

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